Where are they now? – Geoff Osborne

By: Geoff Osborne, Director, Strategy & Operations at NRStor

We love seeing the growth of our past winners and want to share their sustainability journeys with you! In the following weeks, we will be following up with our past winners in our new “Where Are They Now” segment.

Q: Can you describe your current position and company? 

A: We develop and operate energy storage and renewable projects that lower costs and emissions for Canadians – letting customers take control of their energy future. I am largely focused on identifying business development opportunities, overseeing portfolio operations, and strategic planning. It has been a real pleasure watching our first-of-kind projects go from concepts on a whiteboard all the way through to being built and making an impact. Having been with NRStor since we started in 2012, I have worn many hats along the way! 

Q: How are you contributing to reaching Canada’s climate change and emission goals? 

A: Renewables and energy storage offer an incredible opportunity to enable tomorrow’s low-carbon economy. NRStor has built a reputation for thought-leadership and accomplishing first-of-kind infrastructure projects. We develop both large-scale, centralized energy projects as well as residential solar/storage for homeowners with the Tesla Powerwall. We believe the future will continue to become more and more decentralized as we continue to see a shift away from fossil fuels and traditional utility models. Our energy sector is undergoing a major transformation and we are playing a key disruptive role.

Q: How has being recognized early on in your journey as a Clean50 emerging leader affected your journey?

A: Being recognized as a Clean50 emerging leader early in my career was a great personal achievement and gave me pride and confidence. I was lucky enough to meet many other sustainability leaders and friends through Clean50 that have helped me immensely.   

Q: Any upcoming exciting news that you would like to feature? What’s next? 

A: We have some big plans! Our marquee project is a 250MW/1,000MW battery project in SW Ontario – it will be one of the largest batteries in the world and the largest in Canada. It will cost roughly half a billion dollars and save Ontario ratepayers a great deal more by optimizing our electricity grid. We are lucky to be partnered with the Six Nations of the Grand River, the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB), and various other leading organizations. We are also working on some exciting residential offerings and believe tens of thousands of Canadians will have batteries/solar / EVs in their homes in the near future.

Q: Do you have any advice for young adults starting their sustainability careers? 

A: There are a great deal of opportunities within the sustainability sector – and that is only going to increase. Canada has an opportunity to be a global leader in cleantech and combating climate change. If you’re passionate about sustainability I encourage you to get involved!