Where are they now – Grace Quan

By: Gavin Pitchford

We love seeing the growth of our past winners and want to share their sustainability journeys with you! We have been following up with our past winners by asking them a series of questions to see how their careers and organizations have developed over time.

Grace Quan and team

Grace Quan – CEO, Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M)

In 2019, Grace won a Clean50 award for leading a team of scientists at H2M to create nanomaterials from wood waste that can store hydrogen in solids, in a tank, at not much more than ambient conditions – and that can easily release energy back under the same conditions. The tanks are light and portable enough to be easily exchanged – eliminating numerous safety and distribution barriers.

Q: Can you describe your cleantech solution in 50 words or less? 

A: Hydrogen In Motion Inc (H2M) has developed a nanomaterial that stores hydrogen at low pressure (50bar), high density (5wt%) and under ambient temperatures.  H2M storage solutions will dramatically drive down costs in the hydrogen supply chain and open up the market for hydrogen powered solutions.          

Q. How has your product or organization evolved since it was first recognized? 

A: Since winning the Clean 50 Award, our H2M patent has been granted in Canada and India and is being nationalized in an additional 5 jurisdictions.  H2M has transitioned out of lab scale to manufacturing, and is now tuning the manufacturing process to deliver tanks to our first customers.

Q. Are you able to quantify your product(s) impact since it has been recognized? If so, please describe the impact. 

A: H2M low pressure hydrogen storage brings down costs and technical complexity of hydrogen storage, transport and dispensing. 

Q. How has the Clean50 influenced your journey? 

A: The Clean 50 award has provided us with valuable marketing and media attention, which resulted in collaboration with other commercial entities.

Q: Are there any exciting/upcoming news that you would like to feature? 

A: Recently H2M had the pleasure to host the BC Minister of Energy Mines and Petroleum, the Honourable Bruce Ralston at our manufacturing facilities.  https://www.hydrogeninmotion.com/2021/09/17/visit-to-h2m-from-the-honourable-bruce-ralston-minister-of-energy-mines-and-petroleum-province-of-british-columbia/.


We have also had two recent press releases regarding demonstrations, one in India and a Hydrail demo in Vancouver.