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André Boulet

President and CEO, Inventys Thermal Technologies
The Inventys team developed the VeloxoTherm™ System, the world's first post-combustion CO₂ capture process using structured adsorbents (picture a collection of connected sponges - all soaking up carbon). This is a radically different approach that uses smaller equipment, consumes less energy, adds no new components to the emissions stream and removes 90% of CO2 from the flue gas stream. At one third of the cost of traditional, solvent-based approaches, the patented VeloxoTherm™ technology is the most economically viable approach for separating CO₂ from flue gas streams. This technological marvel, which makes it easier and quicker to separate CO₂ from flue gas streams, may help bridge the gap between fossil fuels and environmental sustainability, and perhaps help pave the way to a low carbon economy.