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Dave Fox

Team Lead - Applied Solutions, Enviro-Stewards

Not one to be afraid of being elbow deep in chicken guts to find usable thighs or sifting through sea slugs for wasted mussels, Dave has helped 50 different food production facilities identify and eliminate sources of food loss and waste. Leading a team of 6 scientists and engineers, Dave has helped clients avoid over 9,250 metric tons of food loss and waste, working out to an average of 185 tons of edible food, worth over $225,000 per facility, per year. This is the equivalent of over 300,000 meals per year on average at each of the 50 facilities – or to put it in another perspective: sufficient food to provide 3 squares a day to 13,600+ people – roughly double the number of homeless people in Toronto, or the entire population of North Battleford SK or Summerside PE.