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Ed Whittingham, Pembina Team

Executive Director, 2011-Present, Pembina
Marlo led Pembina as it became a growing influence on the Canadian energy debate in recent years. When he became Executive Director he focused activities towards improving the way we develop the oil sands, advancing climate change policies and renewable energy, and improving our transportation system. Within those areas Pembina has helped to drive landmark provincial policies like BC's carbon tax and the Ontario Green Energy Act, and municipal policies that have resulted in millions invested in community clean energy projects. Under Ed's new leadership Pembina continues to shift public and private dollars from dirty energy to cleaner energy through its research, advocacy and consulting efforts. To do this they often bring corporate, municipal and environmental NGO players together to jointly advocate for clean energy policies. This approach enabled them to leverage $2 billion of federal investment in renewable energy into another $10 billion, and if current efforts are successful, will allow them to repeat that success in Alberta around electricity and in BC around energy efficiency.