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Geoffrey Holmes

Business Development, Carbon Engineering
CE has proven its truly game changing technology at a pilot plant in Squamish. Their Direct Air Capture technology removes CO₂ directly from the atmosphere, and plants can be built to capture 1 million tons of CO₂ per year – that’s equal to the emissions of 250,000 cars. The captured CO₂  can be stored underground to create negative emissions, or synthesized into clean transportation fuels, such as gasoline, diesel or jet-A, using the company’s AIR TO FUELS™ technology. This highly scalable solution will be able to deliver global scale quantities of ultra-low carbon transportation fuels that cost around $1 per litre to produce, are cleaner burning than fossil fuels, are drop-in compatible with current infrastructure and engines, do not suffer the land use and food security issues associated with biofuels, and thus can allow the transportation sector to make deep emissions cuts by displacing fossil fuels.