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Lisa Oldring

Legal Advisor, Stop Ecocide Canada
Stop Ecocide aims to introduce 'ecocide' into the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court—a statute that already criminalizes genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes of aggression. But what is 'ecocide'? While the term may be unfamiliar, ecocide events like chemical pollution and habitat destruction resonate all too closely. In plain language, ecocide is the deliberate severe, widespread or long-term destruction of the environment. Dona co-founded the Stop Ecocide Canada branch and has catalyzed national awareness for criminalizing ecocide, engaging MPs and Senators across party lines, and orchestrating two significant events on Parliament Hill, and is the spokesperson for collaborations with Stop Ecocide International branches, sharing insights and coordinating efforts from Canada.

Lisa draws on her two decades of experience as an international human rights lawyer to engage legal and political communities in Canada and develop partnerships. By leveraging her knowledge and network, she has helped Stop Ecocide bring the fight for ecocide law to the national table.