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What would you do with 1.5 M slices of bread? Should we crack open a beer and think about it? The LOOP Mission team, led by Julie and David, is a food-waste fighting powerhouse, giving value back to rejected food by transforming it into products like cold-pressed juices, smoothies, sparkling waters, spirits, soaps, cookies, and yes – beer (from bread slices). They have become the #1 best-selling (and tastiest) cold-pressed juices brand in Canada, and a leader in the circular food economy. Since its founding in 2016, LOOP Mission has rescued 6,872 tons of fruits and veggies, avoiding 5,483 tons of GHG emissions, saving 446,712,945 litres of water, and transformed – many would say “upcycled” – 1,494,277 slices of bread into beer and shoppers can now find LOOP products in 3000 stores across Canada. 100% of beer drinkers surveyed agreed: that’s definitely the best thing since sliced bread!