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It’s hard to overstate the impact or the scope of the work Tim and Patrick have completed:  Of the 60 largest animal protein companies in the world, Maple Leaf has recently been ranked #2 globally in the 2020 Coller FAIRR Protein Producer (ESG) Index, and the first major protein company in the world to become carbon neutral. Under their sustainability leadership, Maple Leaf also became the first Canadian food company to set science-based GHG emission targets, and no area of the company has escaped the gaze of the 7 person sustainability team they lead: For example, Energy: since 2015, 250 projects have cut GHG emissions by over 19,000 Tonnes of CO2e; Transportation: since 2011, the company has eliminated over 8,546,000 km of truck transportation, resulting in a reduction of 9,170 tonnes of GHG emissions – and employee car-pooling cut another 9.2. While the company has not yet eliminated all of its GHG emissions, they buy Bullfrog green energy and use certified renewable energy credits and verified emissions reductions to offset GHGs that they have not been able to eliminate otherwise, purchasing amounts equivalent to the company’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions. This is what leadership looks like.