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Maryam Antikchi

Founder & CTO, Ecoation
Believing that access to clean food is a human right, the Ecoation team developed a technology that can help greenhouse growers find issues in their crops at an early stage and fix them without chemical pesticides. More than 3.3 trillion sq.ft. of greenhouses have been monitored with Ecoation’s OKO – an area half the size of Saskatchewan – and 25 times the size of all of Saskatchewan’s planted fields - and more than 168 million crop health issues have been identified, digitized and and then fixed without pesticides. Each OKO unit can save 1.12 KT CO2e per year which equals removing 242 passenger cars from the roads for a year. Ecoation generated 16 patents, 34 trademarks, 60 clean jobs in BC and ON, and numerous trade secrets. Ecoation’s technology, if used at scale, can reduce the need for pesticide application by more than 90%, reduce crop waste due to late detection of pests and diseases by 80% and significantly reduce energy and water waste by preventing food waste before it even leaves the farm