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Ruth Kristjanson

Vice-President, Corporate Relations, Manitoba Hydro
With a generation resource that is more than 98% renewable, Manitoba Hydro continues the pursuit of a vibrant and sustainable resource portfolio. In 2014, approval to develop Keeyask Generating Station was secured, adding 695 MW to its archive of renewable hydraulic generation. Moreover, the team is facilitating expansion of demand-side management initiatives using resources such as biomass and industrial waste streams, which is intended to provide an additional 895 MW and 3,590 GWh in savings by 2029. This would allow existing generation resources to serve more than 50% of anticipated future load growth. At the Clean50, we really like the fact that in 2013, Manitoba's electricity generation contributed a mere 2.6 tonnes of CO2e/GWh.  This compares to, for example, Saskatchewan, which has a GhG generation intensity of 690 tonnes of CO2e/GWh.