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Stephane Germain

CEO/President, GHGSat

Trump’s space force may seem like a wacky idea. But what about a carbon space force? That’s a great idea! With a strong background in aerospace engineering, Stephane understood the market potential for a network of emissions monitoring satellites that provide fair, transparent, precise and low-cost measurements for industrial operators and regulators. Thus, he launched the world’s first satellite designed to measure greenhouse gas emissions from industrial facilities around the world with 100 times higher spatial resolution and at 1/100 the cost of NASA and other space agency satellites. In Canada, this technology has the potential to monitor over 40% of all GHG emissions, over 85% of SO2 emissions and 30% of NO2 emissions. Turns out, many organizations are underestimating their emissions. He might be operating from space, but Stephane is providing us with a much better close-up of reality.