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Tyler Hamilton

Editor-In-Chief, Corporate Knights
No one organization has so focused its journalistic lens on environmental performance, CSR, clean tech and all things sustainable than Corporate Knights Magazine, which is delivered to a broad audience across Canada and the United States. Corporate Knight's Best50 list is the Canadian standard by which companies measure their ESG / sustainability performance, and the Global100 list does the same internationally.   These initiatives have led to companies competing - and working harder - to move up the list and continuously better their performance.   CK has been not just a reporter, but a leader in driving awareness and opening Canadians’ minds on the critical importance of Companies taking action on climate change and governance issues. Corporate Knights was named Canadian Magazine of the Year in 2014.

Long a clean technology and green economy reporter, upon joining Corporate Knights in 2010, Tyler led a redesign of the magazine and its website, and in 2014 won Canada’s Magazine of the Year award, and spearheaded a variety of projects as part of a team effort to raise the game on sustainability in the business world and beyond. As an adjunct professor of environmental studies at York University, he has shared his knowledge and experience with students aspiring to enter sustainability-themed careers.