The projects that make a difference

The Clean50 Top Projects annually recognize those projects completed in the prior two years based on their innovation, their ability to inform, and inspire other Canadians. The Top Project of the year is then selected each year at the Clean50 Summit, from votes cast by both incoming and Alumni members of the Clean50.


Sustainable Hawk Fund Program

Big Plan on Campus: Wilfrid Laurier University’s Sustainable Hawk Fund Program helps build a culture of sustainability.


The Earth Rangers App

The Earth Rangers App engages the next generation of conservationists in taking action for what they love, how they live, and where they play: The Earth Rangers App

Three working pump jacks on oil or gas wells out in a green field

The LEAD Project

Energy Futures Lab is clearing the regulatory roadway to upcycling disturbed sites, Canada West Foundation helps put environmental white elephants to work.


The Net Impact Score

Genus Capital Management’s Net Impact Score™ lets investors check their portfolio’s positive, negative, and net environmental impact, setting us all up for a win.


The Phenix – Zero Carbon Retrofit

Lemay converts a 1950s-era warehouse into offices and a laboratory for innovations in sustainability and design. The Phenix rises to save 83% of annual energy costs.


10C Shared Space & Chalmers Community Services Centre: 10C Shared Space

Guelph’s 10C Shared Space/Chalmers Community Services Centre; A dynamic and replicable engine room for Guelph’s social change sector With its engaged, progressive community and lively, historic downtown, it’s easy to think that a project aligning10C Shared Space/Chalmers Community…


Accelerator Centre & TD Canada: CleanTech Accelerator

Canada has the potential to be a leader in clean technology, and not just because we’ve been insulating to save a little on the heating bill for a long time. Anyone familiar with the City of Waterloo, brimming…